Ibanda Municipal Council is committed to supporting tourism industry as a means to enhance its local revenue. The Municipal is blessed with tourist sites like Gault stones in Katooma, Kibubura Memorial site in Bufunda, Rushaka  (Mile 58) equator line in BishesheDivision, attractive hills and good road network etc. In order to improve in this business, funds will be allocated to beautify and market those areas, maintain our road network and encourage hotel investments and security.

Ibanda Municipal Council is blessed with natural trees good soils, and water sheds. We have 4 water sources of Kamukuli, Kyereta, Nyakatookye, and Ryengoma Water sources that provide clean and safe water to the community of Ibanda. We have beautiful hills that provide a good view to the Municipal. Also are the stone quarries. Sand that most local people/ informal sector access employment. In order to sustain our good environment, Ibanda municipal Council has come up with the following strategies

  • Securing a solid waste dumping site
  • Implementing/enforcing environment bye-law and other related laws that promote environment control
  • We have formed environment control committees at Municipal council, ward and village levels.
  • We are yet to prepare a physical development plan to guide development
  • Continued community sensitization